TABLE OF CONTENTS I I HF OFF I C I AL RULE BOOK 2022 / 23 – SECT I ON 05 84 OFF I C I ALS 35.6. REPORTS Should a Player be assessed a penalty that results in an “automatic ejection from the game”, this must be communicated to the Referee at the time the penalty is assessed to ensure a Game Misconduct Penalty is assessed. When penalties are assessed in the final minute of a period where tenths of seconds are shown on the clock, the time of the penalty shall be rounded up to the nearest second for the Official Game Sheet. 35.7. STICK MEASUREMENTS The Penalty Timekeeper shall have an official IIHF “stick-measuring gauge” and tape measure available for the Referees use during the game. They shall also record on the Official Game Sheet the details and the result of any stick measurement performed by the Referees during the game. 35.8. VERIFICATION OF TIME In the event a goal is awarded by Video Review even though play continued, the Penalty Timekeeper must adjust any existing penalties, according to the situation. The clock must revert to the original time the goal was scored. If a penalty was in the process of being called, it will revert to that time also. RULE 36 STATISTIC STAFF »For more information refer to IIHF Technology Codes & Regulations. RULE 37 VIDEO REVIEW 37.1. VIDEO REVIEW OPERATIONS The IIHF will staff a Video Review Operations Room with experienced Off-ice Game Officials to watch all games and to work in conjunction with the On- and Off-ice Officials in every arena in reviewing all goals and disputed and controversial plays and rendering decisions in accordance with the specific parameters set forth herein. The IIHF will designate an Off-ice Official to serve in the role of Video Review Consultant in every arena for every game. The Video Review Consultant will be located in a secluded area in the upper level of the building with an unobstructed view of both goals. The location must be large enough to seat four (4) people (Video Review Consultant, Video Review Technician, Officiating Coach and IIHF Officiating Representative) and must have space for necessary monitors, replay and recording equipment. The Video Review Consultant and Officiating Coach shall both have access to all replays that may be available from all available broadcasts of the game. The Video Review Consultant and Officiating Coach shall also be equipped with state-of-the-art communications systems that will allow direct and immediate access to the Off-ice Official(s) at the Penalty Box and the On-ice Official(s). »For more information refer to IIHF Technology Codes & Regulations. 37.2. GOAL REVIEW PROCEDURES Every goal shall be reviewed by the IIHF Video Review Operations. If there is a need to delay the resumption of the play following an apparent goal, the Off-Ice Official at ice level will be alerted to signal one of the Referees to delay the Center-ice “face-off” for a moment. Once the IIHF Video Review Operations has reviewed the video and confirmed that the goal is valid, the Off-ice Official at ice level should signal to the Referee to resume play. 0 5 S E C T I ON · O F F I C I A L S