TABLE OF CONTENTS I I HF OFF I C I AL RULE BOOK 2022 / 23 – SECT I ON 05 83 OFF I C I ALS penalties. In the event of a malfunction of the Penalty Time Clock, the Game Clock shall be utilized to determine the expiration time of each penalty. Otherwise, the Penalty Time Clocks shall be the official timing device for all penalties that require a Team to play with less than five (5) Skaters. Players shall only be released from the Penalty Box when indicated by the Penalty Time Clock or as otherwise covered in the playing rules. The infraction of the rules for which each penalty has been imposed will be announced over the Public Address System as reported by the Referee. Where Players of both Teams are penalized at the same time, the penalty to the visiting Player will be announced first. In situations where multiple Game Misconduct Penalties have been assessed to any one (1) Player at the same stoppage of play, only one (1) Game Misconduct Penalty should be announced. Misconduct Penalties and coincident Major Penalties should not be recorded on the timing device (Penalty Time Clock) but such penalized Players should be alerted and released at the first stoppage of play following the expiration of their penalties. When a Player is assessed a Misconduct Penalty in addition to other penalties, the Misconduct Penalty shall only commence after all other penalties have been served (or washed out by the scoring of a goal). If a Player leaves the Penalty Box before the time has expired, the Penalty Timekeeper must note the time and notify the Referees at their first opportunity. It is the responsibility of the Penalty Timekeeper to ensure that penalized Players return to the Penalty Box before the puck is dropped for the start of a new period. In the event a penalized Player is not in the Penalty Box, the Penalty Timekeeper should notify the Referees and prevent the game from resuming until the Player is there. 35.2. EQUIPMENT Manual stopwatches should be available to determine the correct penalty times in the event the timing system fails. 35.3. GOALKEEPER’S PENALTIES In the event a Goalkeeper is penalized, this penalty shall be served by another member of their Team who was on the ice when the offense was committed. Communication with the Official Scorekeeper and/or Statistic staff is important at this time as they can inform the Penalty Timekeeper who was actually on the ice to ensure only the proper Players can serve the time. 35.4. PENALTY SHOT The Penalty Timekeeper shall report on the Penalty Record form each “Penalty Shot” awarded, the name of the Player taking the shot and the result of the shot. 35.5. PENALTY TIME CLOCK The Penalty Timekeeper shall be responsible for the correct posting of penalties on the scoreboard at all times and shall promptly call to the attention of the Referees any discrepancy between the time recorded on the clock and the official correct time and they shall be responsible for making any adjustments ordered by the Referees. In the event two (2) Players from one (1) Team and one (1) Player from the opposing Team are penalized at the same time, the Penalty Timekeeper shall request through the Referee, which penalty they prefer to have on the timing device. 0 5 S E C T I ON · O F F I C I A L S