TABLE OF CONTENTS I I HF OFF I C I AL RULE BOOK 2022 / 23 – SECT I ON 07 111 RESTRA I N I NG FOULS RULE 54 HOLDING 54.1. HOLDING Any action by a Player that restrains or impedes the progress of an opposing Player whether or not they are in possession of the puck. 54.2. MINOR PENALTY A Minor Penalty shall be imposed on a Player who holds an opponent by using their hands, arms or legs. A Player is permitted to use their arm in a strength move, by blocking their opponent, provided they have “body position” and are not using their hands in a holding manner, when doing so. A Player is not permitted to hold an opponent’s stick. A Minor Penalty shall be assessed to a Player who holds an opponent’s stick (assessed and announced as “holding the stick”). A Player is permitted to protect themself by defending against an opponent’s stick. They must immediately release the stick and allow the Player to resume normal play. 54.3. “PENALTY SHOT” This rule is described under ➔ Rule 24.8 – Infractions 54.4. AWARDED GOAL This rule is identically described under ➔ Rule 25.0 – Awarded Goal RULE 55 HOOKING 55.1. HOOKING Hooking is the act of using the stick in a manner that enables a Player to restrain an opponent. If the stick goes against the opponent’s hands / or near the opponent’s hands, it shall be penalized as “hooking”. When a Player is checking another in such a way that there is only stick-to-stick contact, such action is not to be penalized as “hooking”. 55.2. MINOR PENALTY A Minor Penalty shall be imposed on a Player who impedes the progress of an opponent by “hooking” with their stick. A Minor Penalty for “hooking” shall be assessed to any Player who uses the shaft of the stick above the upper hand to hold or hook an opponent. 55.3. MAJOR PENALTY The Referee, at their discretion, may assess a Major Penalty to a Player guilty of “hooking” an opponent, and who recklessly endangers the fouled Player in a way that at the discretion of the Referee such Player would not be sufficiently sanctioned by imposing a Minor Penalty. Refer to Rule 55.4 for the criteria for an additional Game Misconduct Penalty. 55.4. GAME MISCONDUCT A Game Misconduct Penalty must be assessed anytime a Major Penalty is imposed for “hooking”. 0 7 S E C T I ON · R E S T RA I N I NG F OU L S