TABLE OF CONTENTS I I HF OFF I C I AL RULE BOOK 2022 / 23 – SECT I ON 05 89 OFF I C I ALS Where a Coach’s Challenge is available on a scoring play potentially involving “Off-side,” a “Missed Game Stoppage Event in the Offensive Zone” or “Interference on the Goalkeeper,” the IIHF Video Review Operations will, as an initial and threshold matter, determine that the puck entered the net legally before the play will be subject to further review by means of a Coach’s Challenge (or, in the final minute of play or in Overtime, a review initiated by the IIHF Video Review Operations) 38.4. PROCESS FOR INITIATING A COACH’S CHALLENGE All Coach’s Challenges must be initiated by notice verbally communicated to a Referee prior to the Center ice “face-off” following a “goal” or, in the case of a “no goal” call by reason of “Interference on the Goalkeeper,” prior to the resumption of play. Teams may not unduly delay the resumption of play while evaluating whether or not to initiate a Coach’s Challenge. Any such delay or delay tactics may result in the denial of a right to Challenge and, at the discretion of the Referee, may also result in a Bench Minor Penalty for “Delaying the Game”. ➔ Rule 63 – Delaying the Game. In order to expedite the review process, Coaches initiating a Coach’s Challenge are required to provide to the Referee, with reasonable specificity, both the reason for their Coach’s Challenge (i.e., the actual infraction that is being claimed) and the approximate time on the clock when the purported infraction transpired. Failure to provide this information with reasonable specificity may result in the denial of a right to a Coach’s Challenge. Only one Coach’s Challenge per Team per stoppage will be permitted. 38.5. PROCESS FOR REVIEWING A COACH’S CHALLENGE The IIHF Technology Department in cooperation with the Organizer will make available in all arenas suitable technology (for example, a handheld tablet or a television or computer monitor) that will allow the On-ice Officials, in conjunction with the IIHF Video Review Operations, to review video replays of the play giving rise to the Coach’s Challenge (or, in the final minute of play or in Overtime, the play that caused the IIHF Video Review Operations to initiate the review). To the extent practical and possible, the replays made available to the On-ice Officials will be the same replays that are being utilized by the IIHF Video Review Operations. Once a Coach’s Challenge has been initiated (or, in the final minute of play or in Overtime, a review is initiated by the IIHF Video Review Operations), the IIHF Video Review Operations will immediately establish contact with the On-ice Official(s) responsible for the call (or non-call) on the ice via the headset and will inquire and discuss with the On-ice Official(s), prior to the On-ice Official reviewing any video, the following: (I) the On-ice Official’s “final call on the ice”; and (II) what the On-ice Official(s) observed on the play. The Video Review Consultant will be involved both in communicating with the On-ice Officials via the headset and with providing input to the On-ice Officials (Referees and Linespersons). The On-ice Officials are responsible for making the “final” decision. The “on-ice call” will then be reviewed simultaneously by the appropriate On-ice Official(s) at ice level and by the Video Review Consultant, as a part of the IIHF Video Review Operations, using any and all replays at their disposal. After their joint review and consultation, the On-ice Officials (Referees or Linespersons) will render the decision on whether to uphold or overturn the original “call on the ice”. 0 5 S E C T I ON · O F F I C I A L S