TABLE OF CONTENTS IIHF OFFICIAL RULE BOOK 2023/24 – SECTION 05 60 OFFICIALS RULE 30 APPOINTMENT OF OFFICIALS 30.1. APPOINTMENT OF OFFICIALS The IIHF shall appoint the On-ice Officials (Referees, Linespersons, Standby’s) and the Off-ice Officials (Officiating Coaches, Video Review Operations, Official Scorekeeper, Game Timekeeper, etc.) for each game. For more information refer to IIHF Sport Regulations and IIHF Statutes & Bylaws RULE 31 REFEREES 31.1. ATTIRE AND EQUIPMENT All Referees shall be dressed in black pants, IIHF Officials’ jerseys, an IIHF approved black helmet with visor, protective equipment and approved whistles. 31.2. DISPUTES The Referees shall have general supervision of the game and shall have full control of all off-ice Game Officials and Players during the game, including stoppages; and in case of any dispute, their decision shall be final. As there is a human factor involved in blowing the whistle to stop play, the Referee may deem the play to be stopped slightly prior to the whistle actually being blown. The fact that the puck may come loose or cross the Goal Line prior to the sound of the whistle has no bearing if the Referee has ruled that the play had been stopped prior to this happening. In the event of any dispute regarding time or the expiration of penalties, the matter shall be referred to the Referee for adjustment and their decision shall be final. They may use the Video Review Operations to assist in rendering the final decision. ➔ Rule 37 – Video Review and ➔ Rule 38 – Coach’s Challenge. 31.3. FACE-OFFS One of the Referees shall “face-off” the puck to start each period. Linespersons are responsible for all other “face-offs”. 31.4. GENERAL DUTIES It shall be the duty of the Referees to impose such penalties as are prescribed by the rules for infractions thereof and they shall give the “final on-ice decision” in matters of disputed goals. The Referees may consult with the Linespersons before making their decision. The Referees shall not halt the game for any infractions of the rules concerning Rule 83 – Off-side, or any violation of Rule 81 – Icing. Determining infractions of these rules is the duty of the Linespersons unless, by virtue of some unforeseen issue, the Linesperson is prevented from doing so in which case the duties of the Linesperson shall be assumed by a Referee until play is stopped. »For more information refer to IIHF Game Official Handbook and Guidelines, and Operation Procedure Manual (OPM). 31.5. GOALS The Referees shall have announced over the Public Address System information regarding the legality of an apparent goal. If applicable, the Official Scorekeeper, with the assistance of the Video Review Consultant, will confirm the “goal scorer” and any Players deserving of an “assist”. ➔ Rule 78 – Goals. 05 SECTION · OFFICIALS