TABLE OF CONTENTS I I HF OFF I C I AL RULE BOOK 2022 / 23 – SECT I ON 03 55 EQU I PMENT RULE 12 ILLEGAL EQUIPMENT 12.1. ILLEGAL EQUIPMENT All protective equipment, except gloves, headgear, mouthguards, neck-/throat protection and Goalkeepers’ leg guards must be worn under the uniform. For violation of this rule, after warning by the Referee, a Minor Penalty shall be imposed. Players violating this rule shall not be permitted to participate in the game until such equipment has been corrected or removed. If the Player refuses, they shall be assessed a Minor Penalty for “Delay of Game” and if they return to the ice without making the change, they shall be issued a Misconduct Penalty. Should this happen a third time, the Player shall be issued a Game Misconduct Penalty. ➔ Rule 63 – Delaying the Game. 12.2. GLOVES A glove from which all or part of the palm has been removed or cut to permit the use of the bare hand shall be considered illegal equipment and if any Player wears such a glove in play, a Minor Penalty shall be imposed on them. When a complaint is made under this rule, and such complaint is not sustained, a Bench-minor Penalty shall be imposed against the complaining Team for delaying the game. 12.3. ELBOW PADS All elbow pads which do not have a soft protective outer covering of sponge rubber or similar material at least 1.5 cm (½ in) thick shall be considered dangerous equipment. 12.4. FAIR PLAY These equipment regulations (Section 3) are written in the spirit of “Fair Play”. If at any time the IIHF feels that this spirit is being abused, the offending equipment will be deemed ineligible for play until a hearing has ruled on its eligibility. 12.5. INSPECTIONS BY THE IIHF Inspections by the IIHF can take place at any time, before, during, or after any game. IIHF representatives may obtain equipment from any Players of the participating Teams. Complained and illegal equipment must be corrected before participation in a game. If further irregularities are found during follow-up checks, the incident will be reported to the Proper Authorities. Refusal to submit the equipment for IIHF measurement will result in the same sanctions as those imposed on a Player with illegal equipment. RULE 13 PUCK 13.1. DIMENSIONS The puck shall be made of vulcanized rubber, or other approved material, 2.5 cm (1 in) thick and 7.6 cm (3 in) in diameter and shall weigh between 156 g and 170 g (5 ½ and 6 oz). All pucks used in competition must be approved by the IIHF. A printed logo, trademark, and advertising on the puck must not exceed 4.5 cm (1¾ in) in diameter of the area of each side of a puck or 35 % of the area of each side of the puck. There may be printing on both sides of the puck. ➔ For more information refer to Appendix VI – Infographics. 0 3 S E C T I ON · E QU I PMEN T