TABLE OF CONTENTS I I HF OFF I C I AL RULE BOOK 2022 / 23 – SECT I ON 02 43 TEAMS 8.2. INJURED GOALKEEPER If a Goalkeeper sustains an injury or becomes ill, they must be ready to resume play immediately or be replaced by a substitute Goalkeeper and no additional time shall be allowed for the purpose of enabling the injured or ill Goalkeeper to resume their position. No warm-up shall be permitted for a substitute Goalkeeper in any game. The substitute Goalkeeper shall be subject to the regular rules governing Goalkeepers and shall be entitled to the same privileges. When a substitution for the injured Goalkeeper has been made, the injured Goalkeeper is not allowed to resume the position until the next stoppage of play. For a violation of the rule, a Minor Penalty for “Delay of Game” shall be assessed. When play has been stopped by the Referee or Linesperson due to an injured Goalkeeper, such Goalkeeper must be substituted for only if they have to proceed to the Players’ Bench to receive medical attention. Where an injury has occurred to a Goalkeeper and there is a stoppage of play, a Team Doctor (or other Medical Personnel) may go onto the ice to attend to the injured Player without waiting for the Referee’s consent. If the Doctor or Medical Personnel has come onto the ice to attend to the Goalkeeper and there is no undue delay, the Goalkeeper may remain in the game. However, no additional time shall be permitted by the Referee for the purpose of enabling the injured Goalkeeper to resume their position (i.e., no warm-up). 8.3. BLOOD A Player who is bleeding or who has visible blood on their equipment or body shall be ruled off the ice at the next stoppage of play. Such Player shall not be permitted to return to play until the bleeding has been stopped and the cut or abrasion has been covered (if necessary). It is required that any affected equipment and/or uniform be properly disinfected or exchanged. 0 2 S E C T I ON · T E AMS