TABLE OF CONTENTS I I HF OFF I C I AL RULE BOOK 2022 / 23 – APPEND I X I V 200 TABLES OVERV I EW Table 10 · Rule 23 Summary of Game Misconduct Penalties DESCRIPTION RULES First or second player to leave the players’ bench during or to start an altercation 70.3 First to intervene in an altercation (third player in) 46.7 Head-butting 47.5 Hooking 55.4 Interference 56.6 Kneeing 50.5 Leaving the penalty box during an altercation 39.5 (V), 70.4, 70.6 Obscene language or gestures 39.5 (II) Persists to challenge or dispute Official’s ruling 39.5 (I) Physically abuses an Official 39.5 (III), 40.1 Removing jersey Prior to an altercation 46.13 Slashing 61.5 Spearing 62.5 Second Major Penalty in a game 20.4, 27.2 Throwing Stick or Equipment outside the playing area 39.5 (VI), 53.2 (IV), 53.5 DESCRIPTION RULES Interfering with or striking a spectator 23.8 Racial taunts or slurs or sexual remarks 23.8 Spitting, smearing blood on or at an opponent or spectator 23.8 TABLE 10 · RULE 23 Summary of Game Misconduct Penalties I V A P P END I X · TAB L E S OV E R V I EW