TABLE OF CONTENTS IIHF OFFICIAL RULE BOOK 2023/24 – APPENDIX IV 183 TABLES OVERVIEW TABLE 11 · RULE 25 Summary of “Penalty Shots” TABLE 12 · RULE 26 Awarded Goals Summary of Awarded Goals (when Goalkeeper has been removed for an extra Attacker) DESCRIPTION RULES Deliberate illegal substitution 68.3, 74.4 Player Intentionally dislodging the net from its moorings when the penalty cannot 63.6 be served in its entirety within regulation time Falling on the puck in the Goal Crease 63.6, 67.4, 69.7 Picking up the puck with the hand in the Goal Crease 63.6, 67.2 (II), 67.4 Player on a “break-away” who is interfered with by an object thrown 53.7, 56.6 or shot by defending Team Player on a breakaway who is Interfered with by a player who has Illegally entered game 70.7 Player throws or shoots stick or an object at the puck in their Defending Zone 53.7 Player who is fouled from behind 24.8, 54.3, 55.4, 57.5, 61.6 DESCRIPTION RULES Delaying the game (Goal post displaced) 63.7 Illegal substitution 68.4, 70.8 Interference 56.7 Throwing stick or other object 53.8 Fouling from behind (including hooking, holding, slashing, tripping, etc.) 54.4, 55.5, 57.6, 61.7 IV APPENDIX · TABLES OVERVIEW