TABLE OF CONTENTS IIHF OFFICIAL RULE BOOK 2023/24 – APPENDIX I 159 GAME OFFICIAL SIGNALS RULE 80 – HIGH-STICKING THE PUCK Holding both fists clenched, one slightly above the other (as if holding a stick) at the height of the forehead. RULE 79 – HANDPASS With the palm open and facing forward, a pushing motion towards the front of the body once or twice to indicate the puck was moved ahead with the hand. RULE 76 – FACE-OFF VIOLATION WARNING One arm bent with the open palm up – on the side of the Team which conducted the face-off violation. RULE 78 – PUCK IN THE NET A signal with the outstretched hand directed at the goal into which the puck has legally entered. RULE 81 – ICING SIGNALED The back Linesperson signals a possible icing by fully extending either arm over their head. The arm should remain raised until the front Linesperson either blows the whistle to indicate an icing or until the icing is washed out. RULE 81 – ICING CALLED Once the icing has been completed, the back Linesperson will then point to the appropriate Face-off Spot and skate to it, turning backwards somewhere near the Blue Line and crossing their arms across their chest to indicate icing. I APPENDIX · GAME OFFICIAL SIGNALS