TABLE OF CONTENTS 85.4. PUCK STRIKING OFFICIAL Play shall not be stopped if the puck touches an On-ice Official anywhere on the Rink, regardless of whether a Team is “short-handed” or not. A puck that deflects back into the Defending Zone off an On-ice Official who is in the Neutral Zone, will be deemed to be “off-side”. ➔ Rule 83 – Off-side. The puck striking or deflecting off an On-ice Official does not automatically nullify a “potential icing”. When a puck deflects off an On-ice Official and goes out of play, the ensuing “face-off” will take place at the Face-off Spot in the zone nearest to where the puck deflected off the Official. If a goal is scored as a result of being deflected directly into the net off an On-ice Official, the goal shall not be allowed. 85.5. FACE-OFF LOCATION Should any Player cause the puck to go out of play or become “unplayable” in any zone, the “face-off” shall take place at the Face-off Spot in the zone from which the puck was shot. If deflected out of play, at the nearest Face-off Spot in the zone where it deflected out of play. If this stoppage is caused by an attacking player in the attacking zone, the face-off will take place at the closest face-off spot in the attacking zone (if the player did not make an infraction as per ➔ Rule 63 – delaying the game) If the zone happens to be the Neutral Zone, the Face-off Spot selected shall be the one that gives the offending Team the least amount of “territorial advantage”. For a puck that is “unplayable” due to being lodged in the netting or as a result of it being “frozen” between opposing Players, the resulting “face-off” shall be at either of the adjacent Face-off Spots or at the nearest Face-off Spot in the zone from which the puck was shot, unless otherwise covered in these rules. If the attacking Team shoots the puck into the zone and a “Delayed Off-side” is indicated, or if the attacking Team commits a game flow infraction such as contacting the puck with a “high-stick” or “batting the puck with a glove” (causing a stoppage of play), the ensuing “face-off” shall be in the Neutral Zone outside the offending Team’s Attacking Zone. 85.6. MINOR PENALTY A Minor Penalty for “Delay of Game” shall be imposed on a Goalkeeper who “deliberately” drops the puck on the goal netting to cause a stoppage of play. ➔ Rule 67.3 – Handling the Puck. 85.7. VERIFICATION OF TIME This rule is identically described under ➔ Rule 37.8 – Video Review to verify time on clock RULE 86 START OF GAME AND PERIODS 86.1. START OF GAME AND PERIODS In game facilities during IIHF Championship events where the participating Teams enter and depart the ice surface using the same common door and hallway system, the procedure is proposed to ensure that the Teams enter and depart the ice surface in an orderly fashion and without incident. The game clock will be the only timing device used in the timing of all activities including the “pre-game warm-up”, the period intermissions and the actual game itself. I I HF OFF I C I AL RULE BOOK 2022 / 23 – SECT I ON 10 159 GAME FLOW 1 0 S E C T I ON · GAME F L OW