TABLE OF CONTENTS attacking Players are in the process of clearing the Attacking Zone. If an “off-side” call is delayed, the Linesperson shall drop their arm to nullify the “off-side” violation and allow play to continue if: (I) All Players of the offending Team clear the zone at the same instant (skate contact with the Blue Line, "3D" judgement is not used in this situation) permitting the attacking Players to re-enter the Attacking Zone, or (II) the defending Team passes or carries the puck into the Neutral Zone. If, during the course of the “Delayed Off-side”, any member of the attacking Team touches the puck, attempts to “gain possession of a loose puck”, forces the defending puck carrier further back into their own zone, or who is about to make physical contact with the defending puck carrier, the Linesperson shall stop play for the “off-side” violation. If, during a “Delayed Off-side”, an attacking Player in the Attacking Zone elects to proceed to their Players’ Bench (which extends into the Attacking Zone) to be replaced by a Teammate, they shall be considered to have cleared the zone when both skates are off the ice and the Linesperson judges them to have left the playing surface. If their replacement comes onto the ice in the Attacking Zone, while the “Delayed Off-side” is still in effect, they too must clear the Attacking Zone. Once all attacking Players have cleared the Attacking Zone and the Linesperson have lowered their arm for the “Delayed Off-side”, all attacking Players may legally enter the Attacking Zone and pursue the puck. 83.4. DISALLOWED GOAL – OFF-SIDE If the puck is shot into the Attacking Zone creating a “Delayed Off-side”, the play shall be allowed to continue under the normal “clearing-the-zone” rules. Should the puck, as a result of this shot, enter the defending Team’s goal, either directly or off the Goalkeeper, a Player, the Boards, the glass, a piece of equipment or an official on the ice, the goal shall be disallowed as the original shot was “offside”. The fact that the attacking Team may have “cleared the zone” prior to the puck entering the goal has no bearing on this ruling. The “face-off” will be conducted at the Face-off Spot in the zone closest to the point of origin of the shot that gives the offending Team the least amount of “territorial advantage”. The only way an attacking Team can score a goal on a “Delayed Off-side” situation is if the defending Team shoots or puts the puck into their own net without action or contact by the offending Team. Other than in situations involving a “Delayed Off-side” and the puck entering the goal or a successful Coach’s Challenge, no goal can be disallowed after the fact for an “off-side” violation, except for the human factor involved in blowing the whistle. ➔ Rule 38 – Coach’s Challenge. 83.5. COACH’S CHALLENGE – OFF-SIDE ➔ Rule 38 – Coach’s Challenge. 83.6. FACE-OFF LOCATION – OFF-SIDE For violation of this rule, the play is stopped and the puck shall be “faced-off” in the Neutral Zone at the Face-off Spot nearest the Attacking Zone of the offending Team when the violation occurs as a result of the attacking Team carrying the puck over the attacking Blue Line, or from the Face-off Spot in the zone closest to the point of origin of the shot or pass (even if deflected off an attacking or defending Player or an official). I I HF OFF I C I AL RULE BOOK 2022 / 23 – SECT I ON 10 154 GAME FLOW 1 0 S E C T I ON · GAME F L OW