TABLE OF CONTENTS same common door and hallway system, the procedure is proposed to ensure that the Teams enter and depart the ice surface in an orderly fashion and without incident. The game clock will be the only timing device used in the timing of all activities including the “pre-game warm-up”, the period intermissions and the actual game itself. The game shall be commenced at the time scheduled by a “face-off” in the Center of the Rink and shall be renewed promptly at the conclusion of each intermission in the same manner. »For more information refer to IIHF Sport Regulations 86.2. BENCH MINOR PENALTY A Bench Minor Penalty for “Delay of Game” shall be imposed on either or both Teams if: (I) They are not on the ice or can be seen proceeding to the ice to start the second, third or any Overtime period when the intermission time on the clock has expired. (II) At the start of the second, third and any Overtime period, all Players with the exception of the starting Players must proceed directly to their respective Players’ Benches. Skating, warm-ups or on-ice activities by non-starters is not permitted. (III) When the visiting Team must proceed by the way of the ice to their Dressing Room at the end of a period, they must wait for a signal from one of the Officials before proceeding. Failure to wait for the Official’s signal shall result in a penalty. 86.3. CHOICE OF ENDS If not specified by the organizing bodies, the Home Team shall have the choice of the goal to defend at the start of the game. The Teams shall change ends for each period of regulation time. »For more information refer to IIHF Sport Regulations 86.4. DELAYS No delay shall be permitted by reason of any ceremony, exhibition, demonstration or presentation unless approved by the IIHF. 86.5. END OF PERIODS At the conclusion of the first and second periods, upon hearing the buzzer, the Teams must follow these procedures to leave the ice surface. As soon as the buzzer sounds, signaling the end of the period, the game clock will be immediately re-set with the appropriate intermission time frame. Players shall not be permitted to come on the ice during a stoppage of play or at the end of the first and second periods for the purpose of warming-up. The Referee will report any violation of this rule to the Proper Authorities for disciplinary action. »For more information refer to IIHF Sport Regulations 86.6. PRE-GAME WARM-UP During the pre-game warm-up (which shall not exceed 15 minutes in duration) and before the commencement of play in any period, each Team shall confine its activity to its own end of the Rink. ➔ Rule 46.10 – Fighting Prior the Drop of the Puck IIHF OFFICIAL RULE BOOK 2023/24 – SECTION 10 142 GAME FLOW 10 SECTION · GAME FLOW