TABLE OF CONTENTS 69.8. DISCIPLINARY MEASURES If deemed appropriate, Supplementary Discipline can be applied by the Proper Authorities at their discretion. ➔ Rule 28 – Supplementary Discipline. RULE 70 LEAVING THE PLAYERS’ BENCH OR PENALTY BOX 70.1. LEAVING THE PLAYER’S BENCH OR PENALTY BOX No Player may leave the Players’ Bench or Penalty Box at any time during an altercation or for the purpose of starting an altercation. 70.2. LEGAL LINE CHANGE A Player who has entered the game while play is in progress from – own Players’ Bench or legally from the Penalty Box (penalty time has expired) who starts an altercation may be subject to discipline in accordance with Rule 28 – Supplementary Discipline. A Player or Players who have entered the game on a legal line change during a stoppage of play, who line up in preparation for the ensuing “face-off”, and who participate in an altercation shall be penalized under the appropriate rule and will be subject to discipline in accordance with Supplementary Discipline (a Game Misconduct is not automatic in this situation unless provided for as a result of their actions in the altercation). ➔ Rule 28 – Supplementary Discipline. 70.3. LEAVING THE PLAYERS’ BENCH Players shall not be permitted to come on the ice during a stoppage of play or at the end of the first and second periods for the purpose of warming-up. The Referee will report any violation of this rule to the Proper Authorities for disciplinary action. Except at the end of each period or for entering the game legally, no Player may, at any time, leave the Players’ Bench. If it is necessary to proceed to the Dressing Room during the course of the game (and when it is required to proceed by way of the ice to access the Dressing Room), the Player must wait for a stoppage of play and ensure there are not altercations in progress before proceeding. The Player who was the first or second Player to leave the Players’ Bench (or Penalty Box) during an altercation or for the purpose of starting an altercation, from either or both Teams shall be assessed a Game Misconduct Penalty. 70.4. LEAVING THE PENALTY BOX Except at the end of each period or on expiration of their penalty, no Player may, at any time, leave the Penalty Box. A Player serving a penalty in the Penalty Box, who is to be changed after the penalty has been served, must proceed at once by way of the ice and be at their own Players’ Bench before any change can be made. For any violation of this rule, a Bench Minor Penalty shall be imposed for “too many Players on the ice”. ➔ Rule 74 – Too many Players on the Ice. A penalized Player who leaves the Penalty Box before their penalty has expired, whether play is in progress or not, shall incur an additional Minor Penalty after serving their unexpired penalty. Any Player who, having entered the Penalty Box, leaves the Penalty Box prior to the expiration of their penalty for the purpose of I I HF OFF I C I AL RULE BOOK 2022 / 23 – SECT I ON 09 132 OTHER FOULS 0 9 S E C T I ON · OT H E R F OU L S