TABLE OF CONTENTS both Teams have refused to comply with such a provision, both Teams shall be declared the loser. If the game is declared forfeited prior to it having commenced, the score shall be recorded as 1-0 and no Player shall be credited with any personal statistics. If the game was in progress at the time, it is declared forfeited, the score shall be recorded as zero for the loser and 1, or such greater number of goals that had been scored by it, for the winner; however, the Players on both Clubs shall be credited with all personal statistics earned up to the time the forfeit was declared. If the game is declared forfeited, either prior to it having commenced or when it was in progress, due to non-compliance by both Teams, the score shall be recorded as 0-0, but no Team shall be awarded any points and no Player shall be credited with any personal statistics. The Proper Authorities may, at their discretion, investigate any forfeited game and revise the Referee’s decision on the forfeiture and the score. In addition, the Proper Authorities may assess additional Disciplinary Measures on any Team or Team member in connection to the forfeited game. »For more information refer to IIHF Disciplinary Code. RULE 67 HANDLING PUCK 67.1. HANDLING PUCK This rule outlines fouls that can result in a penalty when a Player illegally uses their hand on the puck. ➔ Rule 79 – Hand Pass for all references related to passing the puck with the hand. 67.2. MINOR PENALTY – SKATER A Player shall be permitted to catch the puck out of the air but must immediately place it or knock it down to the ice. A Player shall be assessed a Minor Penalty for “closing their hand on the puck”: (I) If they catch it and skates with it, either to avoid a check or to gain a “territorial advantage” over their opponent. (II) If they place their hand over the puck while it is on the ice in order to conceal it from or prevent an opponent from playing the puck. When this is done in their Team’s Goal Crease area, a “Penalty Shot” shall be assessed Rule 67.4 – Penalty Shot, or Rule 67.5 – Goal Awarded. (III) If they pick the puck up off the ice with their hand while play is in progress A Minor Penalty shall be assessed for “Delay of Game” – Face-off Violation to a Player taking the “face-off” who: (I) Attempts to win the “face-off” by batting the puck with their hand. Note: The two (2) Players involved in the actual “face-off” (the centers) are not permitted to play the puck with their hand without incurring a penalty under this rule until such time as a third Player (from either Team) has at least touched the puck. Once the “face-off” is deemed complete (and a winner of the “face-off” is clear) hand passes shall be enforced ➔ Rule 79 – Hand Pass. IIHF OFFICIAL RULE BOOK 2023/24 – SECTION 09 108 OTHER FOULS 09 SECTION · OTHER FOULS