TABLE OF CONTENTS being done to intentionally delay the game, a Minor Penalty may be assessed. (X) No delay shall be permitted for the repair or adjustment of Goalkeeper’s equipment. If adjustments are required, the Goalkeeper shall leave the ice and their place shall be taken by the substitute Goalkeeper immediately. For an infraction of this rule by a Goalkeeper, a Minor Penalty shall be imposed. 63.3. BENCH MINOR PENALTY A Bench Minor Penalty shall be imposed upon any Team which, after warning by the Referee to its Captain or Alternate Captain to place the correct number of Players on the ice and commence play, fails to comply with the Referee’s direction and thereby causes any delay by making additional substitutions (including, but not limited to, continually substituting Goalkeepers for the purpose of stalling or delaying the game), by persisting in having its Players off-side, or in any other manner. 63.4. DELAYED WHISTLE When the net is accidentally displaced by an attacking Player, and the defending side is in control of the puck and moving out of their zone, play shall be permitted to continue until such time as the non-offending Team loses control of the puck. The resulting “face-off” will take place at a Face-off Spot in the zone nearest the location where the play was stopped, unless it is in the non-offending Team’s Defending Zone, and as such the ensuing “face-off” would be outside the Blue Line at one of the Face-off Spots in the Neutral Zone. It is possible for a goal to be scored at one end of the Rink, while the net at the other end has been dislodged, provided that the Team being scored upon is the Team responsible for dislodging the net at the other end of the Rink. 63.5. OBJECTS THROWN ON THE ICE Not applicable for IIHF Championships. In the event that objects are thrown on the ice that interfere with the progress of the game, the Referee shall blow the whistle and stop the play and the puck shall be faced-off at a face-off spot in the zone nearest to the spot where play is stopped. 63.6. PENALTY SHOT If by reason of insufficient time in the regular playing time or by reason of penalties already imposed, the Minor Penalty assessed to a Player for deliberately displacing their own Goal Post cannot be served in its entirety within the regular playing time of the game or at any time in Overtime, a “Penalty Shot” shall be awarded against the offending Team. No defending Player, except the Goalkeeper, will be permitted to fall on the puck, hold the puck, pick up the puck, or gather the puck into the body or hands when the puck is within the Goal Crease. For infringement of this rule, play shall immediately be stopped and a “Penalty Shot” shall be ordered against the offending Team, but no other penalty shall be given. The rule shall be interpreted so that a “Penalty Shot” will be awarded only when the puck is in the Goal Crease at the instant the offense occurs. However, in cases where the puck is outside the Goal Crease, Rule 63 may still apply and a Minor Penalty may be imposed, even though no “Penalty Shot” is awarded. The significant factor when determining whether or not a “Penalty Shot” is warranted is the location of the puck at the time it was held, grabbed or gathered into the body. If the puck is in the Goal Crease, a “Penalty Shot” shall be awarded. If the puck is outside the Goal Crease and gathered into the body of a Player (other than the Goalkeeper) who is inside the Goal Crease, a Minor Penalty shall be assessed. IIHF OFFICIAL RULE BOOK 2023/24 – SECTION 09 105 OTHER FOULS 09 SECTION · OTHER FOULS