TABLE OF CONTENTS I I HF OFF I C I AL RULE BOOK 2022 / 23 – SECT I ON 06 103 PHYS I CAL FOULS Players involved in “fighting” other than during the periods of the game shall be assessed a Major Penalty (“Fighting”) and a Game Misconduct (5’+GMP). An “Aggressor” and/ or an “Instigator / Initiator” shall be penalized according to the respective Rule 46.3 and/ or Rule 46.4. In the case of altercations taking place after the period or game will be reported to the Proper Authorities for further Supplementary Disciplinary action. Should Players come onto the ice from their Players’ Benches after the period ends and prior to the start of an altercation, they shall not be penalized if they remain in the vicinity of their Players’ Bench and provided, they do not get involved in any altercations. 46.10. FIGHTING PRIOR TO THE DROP OF THE PUCK Unless this occurs prior to the start of the game or any period, a “fight” that occurs prior to the drop of the puck during the course of normal “face-off”, the altercation shall be penalized as if it occurred during the regular playing time refer to Rule 46.9 – Fighting. When, in the opinion of the Referee that, specific personnel changes have been made by one or both Teams late in a game and an altercation ensues, the appropriate penalties are to be assessed and the incident reported to the Proper Authorities immediately following the game for review and possible Supplementary Disciplinary actions. 46.11. FIGHTING OFF THE PLAYING SURFACE A Game Misconduct Penalty shall be imposed on any Player involved in “fighting off the playing surface” or with another Player who is “off the playing surface”. These penalties are in addition to any other time penalties assessed, including the Major Penalty (“Fighting”). Whenever a Coach or other team personnel becomes involved in an altercation with an opposing Player, Coach or other team personnel on or off the ice, they shall be assessed with a Game Misconduct Penalty and automatically suspended from the game, ordered to the Dressing Room and the matter will be reported to Proper Authorities for Supplementary Disciplinary actions. 46.12. HELMETS No Player may remove their helmet prior to engaging in a fight. If they should do so, they shall be assessed a Minor Penalty for “Unsportsmanlike Conduct”. Helmets that come off in the course of and resulting from the altercation will not result in a penalty to either Player. 46.13. JERSEYS A Player who deliberately removes their jersey prior to participating in an altercation or who is clearly wearing a jersey that has been modified and does not conform to ➔ Rule 9 – Uniforms, shall be assessed a Minor Penalty for “Unsportsmanlike Conduct” and a Game Misconduct Penalty. This is in addition to other penalties to be assessed to the participants of an altercation. If the “altercation” never materializes, the Player would receive a Minor Penalty for “Unsportsmanlike Conduct” and a ten-minute (10’) Misconduct Penalty for deliberately removing their jersey. RULE 47 HEAD-BUTTING 47.1. HEAD-BUTTING The act of head-butting involves a Player making deliberate contact, or attempting to make contact, with an opponent by leading with their head and/or helmet, whether contact is made or not. 0 6 S E C T I ON · PH YS I C A L F OU L S